Agriculture & Gardening

SHOWA is supporting hands tasks from planting to delivering crops.
We recommend suitable hand protections for each scene.


Planting &

When humans plant vegetable seedlings and flowers, there are many hand works.
For example, cultivating agricultural land by the firming tools, carrying seedlings, setting seedlings on the machine, planting seedlings etc.
Hand protections with good grip performance contribute human to handle the firming tools or machines easier.

Planting & Seeding

Dexterity and tactility are required because seeds and seedlings would be tiny and delicate.
Choosing fully coated gloves is the right selection if dealing with water.
SHOWA has long experience of providing hand protections in Japanese agricultural sector.
We propose a wide range of hand protections with confidence.


Spraying agricultural chemicals such as pesticide

It is very dangerous and harmful for human to spray pesticides without masks and protective clothing including hand protections. Hands are exposure during spraying agricultural chemicals such as pesticide if hand protections are not used.
When charging chemicals by hands, there is a possibility chemicals are spilled on hands.

Spraying agricultural chemicals such as pesticide

SHOWA offers adequate hand protections that guard human hands against contacting agricultural chemicals directly.



Many vegetables and fruits are harvested by hands.
During harvesting operations workers need to grasp firmly and pull them off carefully.
It is important not only to avoid any damage to vegetables and fruits but also to reduce a risk of hand injuries.
In addition, because the harvesting period is limited, workers need to provide the best performance to optimize productivity within a limited time period.


SHOWA believes that hand protections can help to make workability of hand tasks increase and risk of hand injures reduce.
That is why SHOWA introduces and offers various hand protections.


Hand selecting

Agricultural crops are screened by size etc before delivery.
It depends on what kind of crops that workers do hand selecting.
But generally tactility and sensitivity of finger movement are required.

Hand selecting

SHOWA offers hand protections that do not prevent workers’ finger movement.
In addition SHOWA hands protections are designed to feel less tiring after hours of use.
If washing task is included or dealing with wet vegetables, fully coated gloves with enough length are good choices to protect workers’ hands against water.
Please try our hand protections in order to keep efficiency of hand selecting tasks and protect workers’ hands



Finally agricultural crops are shipped.
Workers need to load heavy cardboard boxes or bags on trucks etc. Repeating to carry such heavy things will peel off the skin of the hands.
And workers should not drop such heavy things in order to avoid product broken and any workers’ injury.


SHOWA recommends hand protections with high grip performance that protect your skin of the hands from peeling off and firmly grasp heavy things without slipping.

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