Workers’ hands are exposure many risks.
⇒ Wearing hand protections can reduce such a risk.
Let's work efficiently.
⇒ Wearing adequate hand protections may bring workability improvement.


Foundation work

This task is to lay the foundation for firmly conveying the building's own weight to the ground.
To embed the steel frame in the ground in order to prevent soil collapse. And then to flatten the ground and cover it with concrete. Digging a hole towards the strongest supporting layer in the ground and making a pile to support the building with concrete. Process the pile head and put the rebar out in order to connect the underground pile with the building to be built in the future.

In foundation work, workers mainly operate construction machines such as bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, cranes, dumpers but their hands are still exposure many risks
SHOWA does consider your work and recommends hand protections which are suitable for machine operation.



This task is to construct main structural parts of buildings such as pillars, beams and roofs.
Set up the necessary scaffolds at the construction site. Unload construction material such as steel frame from the crane and assemble them. Construct rebar that will be the framework of roof, floor, pillar etc. Carefully tying rebar one by one and jointing. Make corner frame of rebar and pour concrete into it.

Inspection of stamped parts and welded car body

In framework, workers have many tasks by their hands.
Unloading construction materials or binding rebar is obviously tough work.
Not wearing hand protection or wearing not adequate hand protection should cause hand troubles.
SHOWA proposes hand protections with high durability and comfort.


Exterior work

This task is construction of the outer part of the building such as roof construction, exterior wall construction, waterproof construction etc.
Construct wall materials to protect the building from rain and wind. Stick siding board to make the building look good. Process waterproof finish to prevent water from entering inside of the building.


In exterior work, workers do various hand works.
Sometimes they may deal with water.
SHOWA offers a wide range of hand protections which could meet what you need.


Interior work

This task is including interior finishing work such as plastering work, painting work and installation work of indoor fittings.
Mortar foundation and finish wall, floor, ceiling etc. Paint indoor floors, walls etc. Place window glasses and sashes inside, finish the walls and ceilings with paint or cloth, paste flooring or carpet on the floor.
In interior work, workers use various tools such as metal trowel for mortaring, roller or brush for painting etc. In order to avoid any delay of each task workers are required to grasp those tools firmly and not to drop them.


SHOWA offers hand protections with high grip performance and hopes to contribute improvement of workers’ workability.

When workers use sharp-edged tool like cutter, you should consider hand injuries due to cuts and lacerations.


Electrical equipment work

This task is to do electric construction work, supply and drain facilities such as kitchen and toilet, gas equipment installation etc.
Draw electric cables into buildings, wire them, deliver electricity to terminals such as electrical outlets, switches, lighting equipment. And also do Electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning / heating duct works, elevator construction and installation work.


In electrical equipment work, your workers are struggling day by day to carry materials such as cables and other electrical equipment.
SHOWA recommends hand protections with high grip performance and would like to support your workers not to drop objects.

Your workers also deal with mechanical tools and fine parts such as tiny bolts.
SHOWA offers hand protections that bring both dexterity and finger sensitivity for fine works.

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