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Showa can protect workers’ hands against oil.
Moreover we consider workability of gloves.


Metal processing

In metal processing cutting oils are widely used, so hand protections that have oil resistant feature are suitable.

Metal processing

If you mainly process small parts, thin type of gloves that will comfortably fit in the hand and provide tactile and finger sensitivity is recommended.

If you do not handle too small parts, please choose tough type gloves with enough thickness.
Also, if there is a possibility that cutting pieces will hit the hand during work, the thick type of gloves is a good choice.



Gloves should be selected depending on how much oil do workers handle in assembly work.


In assembly of engines and transmissions etc, high grip performance against oil is necessary because workers mainly handle oil-covered parts.
SHOWA offers gloves with unique formed coating technology which work effectivity to prevent from slip with oil and liquid because the surface of coating absorbs oil and liquid like sponge and keeps contact area to object. Workers can firmly grip oil-covered parts when they wear SHOWA hand protections.
In addition, dust contamination from human body should be controlled in assembly of your product which requires the high level of quality.
SHOWA has abundant experiences and achievements in Japan. We are offering hand protections with considered contamination issues from gloves and high grip performance against oil.

For example, there are possibilities that worker’s hands may soak into oil, such as a bearing factory that often comes into contact with oil in the work process. Such a situation it is necessary to protect the entire hand from oil by wearing fully coated gloves.
SHOWA has a wide range of lineup such as thin type, thick type to arm cover type with protection to shoulder.
Thin type is designed for easy to move fingers and grab fine object.
Thick type is a tough against hard work.

In assembly process, hand injures due to cuts and lacerations by sharp edges or burrs must be avoided.
To protect the hand against such a unpredictable injure during assembling hand protections with cut resistant feature are effective.
SHOWA is proposing hand protections with cut resistance in order to reduce possibility of hand injuries.

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