Dust contamination

Adequate hand protections should be needed to protect your product.
Even though you have already proceeded dust control in your working environment, the wrong choice of hand protections would cause increase of product failures. Because hands can directly touch your product.
It is considerable that there is a possibility that lint from hand protections cause contamination into your products as dust.Because knitted hand protections generate lint by rubbing themselves. Contamination by lint is reported one of a reason of product failures. It is generally said that lint is easily pulled out from hand protections made of short / staple yarn because of its structure.
Staple yarn is made of fibers that come in short discrete lengths.
Short circuit or miss reading might happen even if fine foreign substance including lint from gloves is sticking on, that why facilities that perform precise measurements and manufacturing such as the semiconductor and precision equipment require high-level environmental controls including dust control to avoid measurement or manufacturing errors.

Low-lint product lineup

Comparing to short /staple yarn, the product made of long/filament yarn has a much lower tendency to come out lint.
Because filament yarn is made by gathering together long continuous fibers. SHOWA offers a wide range of hand protections that are adopted long/ filament yarns to prevent possible contamination by lint from hand protections.

Low-lint product lineup

If you would like to reduce a possibility of contamination by lint from gloves, please use our low lint gloves.

If you consider electrical discharge to your products as well as a possibility of contamination by lint from gloves, please use our low lint with anti static feature gloves.

If you would like to reduce a possibility of contamination by lint from gloves and hand injuries due to cuts and lacerations, please use our low lint with cut resistant feature gloves.

Lint-free production lineup

It seems that fully coated gloves may not have a risk of contamination from gloves themselves.
However you should also pay attentions structure of gloves if you do strictly control contamination from gloves.
There are two types of manufacturing methods. One is to coat over the liner and another is not using the liner.
Many inside liners are not considered to prevent the lint creation, so it is said that there is a risk of dust contamination which comes out from the inside of gloves.
You still need to pay attentions even if you are using no liner gloves.
Because some gloves such as disposable gloves have powders inside and there is a case that viscose is adopted and flocked inside of no liner gloves. Therefore such a powder or viscose itself can cause contamination.

Low-lint product lineup

SHOWA also proposes lint free hand protections that are made without any fiber and powder to meet higher requirements.
If you would like to eliminate a risk of contamination by lint or powder from gloves, please use our lint free gloves.

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