Glass & Building materials

Showa contributes work safety due to protecting workers’ hands.
We provide adequate hand protections with high grip performance and cut resistant feature.



When workers carry materials such as glass, steel, iron, aluminum etc by hand, should be careful not to drop them.
In case workers drop them, not only the material will be damaged but the workers themselves may be injured.
Using Gloves with anti-slip feature is one of solutions to reduce the possibility of such an accident.

Stamping & Welding

SHOWA recommends that how to find the right gloves for you in thousands gloves is firstly to set gloves with high grip performance like No.310 as the benchmark of selecting.
Secondly to experience benchmarked gloves makes you become to have correct choices.
SHOWA offers a wide range of lineup from the legend of gloves with high grip performance to recent gloves.

Even if workers are unlikely to drop materials, they will slide their hands with sharp edges.
High grip performance is important feature of gloves, however it is not enough to protect their hands from cuts and lacerations.
SHOWA is proposing gloves that have both high grip and cut resistant features in order to meet both demands.



When workers set materials on the processing machine, they also pay attention not only not to drop the object but to hands injuries by sliding or slipping.


In processing glass or manufacturing mirror etc, for instance, workers may need to avoid any stain on the surface of products in order to reduce a possibility of product failures.
Using glove is the effective approach to avoid fingerprint and sweat sticking on the surface.

SHOWA discovered that a small amount of oil could come out of the glove's surface and it may cause appearance problem or etc.
From the point of view of anti-transcription SHOWA is paying attention of material compounding, pretreatment of knitted glove and so on in order to reduce such oil bleeding.



Glass and building material products will be packed before shipment.
Packaging glass products into cardboards, for instance, workers need to pay attentions not only to avoid any damage to products but also contamination of foreign substances.
Under highly strict acceptance inspection the customer may refuse the product, even though only small lint threads are sticking on the product surface.


You need to know that knitted gloves themselves make lint.
And unfortunately it is considerable that hands moving makes more and more amounts of lint from gloves generate.
In order to reduce a risk of lint contamination from gloves SHOWA is offering highly experienced and widely supported low-lint gloves.

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