SHOWA offers a wide range of hand solutions for each automotive manufacturing process.
We do protect not only your hands but also your products.


Stamping &

Cut the coiled iron plate with a press machine, mold it, bend it, drill each part and make a panel such as the roof and the side part etc.
Connect stamped panels by welding robots.
The metal plate for small parts and the metal panel such as door are set on the machine with human hand.

Stamping & Welding

It is important to firmly grasp to prevent both damages of products and workers’ injuries caused by dropping.
SHOWA offers hand protections with high grip performance in order to help workers not to drop the object.

Need to consider any risk of being cut by the edge when carrying metal plate or panel.
SHOWA proposes cut resistant gloves to protect your hand from laceration/cut injury.


Inspection of
stamped parts and
welded car body

Even though the stamping process and welding process are mainly done by machines, humans do inspections after each process.

Inspection of stamped parts and welded car body

Inspect for unnecessary burrs or defects on the surface by touching with hands.
SHOWA recommends hand protections with sensitivity for inspection.

There is a risk of being cut or injury by metal burrs during inspection.
SHOWA proposes cut resistant gloves to protect your hand from laceration/cut injury.



Car body is painted several times by machines and it is inspected by humans.
Carefully find sticking dust, dirt, debris etc on the surface of car body in a bright and clean room.
Generally gloves are used in order to avoid sticking fingerprint and sweat on the printed surface.


However, more importantly lint from gloves themselves may cause contamination.
This means that using low lint gloves is necessary in order to control contamination.
In addition SHOWA researched and discovered that tiny amount of oil bleeding from glove surface may cause appearance problem or etc.
From the point of view of anti-transcription SHOWA is paying attention of material compounding, pretreatment of knitted glove and so on in order to reduce such oil bleeding.
SHOWA offers low lint and anti-transcription hand gloves to protect your product surface.

Moreover SHOWA is also proposing low ion elution and low lint gloves in order to meet the high level of requirement.


Engine and
components assembly

The car is made of engine as its core and huge numbaers of parts.
SHOWA is providing gloves to customers in the automotive industry, in particular manufacturers of automobiles and related components.


Assembly process of engine and other components may often deal with oil.
Under such a work environment grip performance against oily objects and oil resistance should be required.
SHOWA offers adequate hand protections for machining with oil.

Many components and parts are small and complex.
Therefore it is difficult to handle such small parts with wearing bulky gloves.
SHOWA offers hand protections that are suitable for such a fine work to meet requirement of speed and accuracy.

In addition some components and parts are more sensitive.
For instance during assembling clear parts such as front lights or instrument panel, if contamination of lint from gloves enter insides of them, those products will be defective.
Engine of course has complex configuration, so contamination of lint from gloves may cause serious damages.
SHOWA is one of pioneers that deliver solutions of dust contamination issues from gloves and offers a wide range of low lint hand protections.

Hand protections with cut resistant feature are receiving attention in order to reduce a risk of cut injuries.
SHOWA is proposing hand protections that enable to solve both dust contamination issues from gloves and cut injury issues during assembling.



Finally complete the car by assembling each part such as instrument panel, windows, bumpers, engine, seats, tires etc.
SHOW is offering a wide range of hand protections.


When assembling interior components like instrument panel, for instance, workers often deal with small parts such as bolts and nuts etc by several mechanical tools.
The type and size of screws and bolts etc are various. Workers need to choose and place the correct one in the right position.
Moreover both accuracy and speed are required in this task, so adequate hand protections that do not prevent from workers’ hand activity are needed and proposed by SHOWA.

With the expansion of demand for PHV / EV, more and more electronic components and precision instruments are being mounted on vehicles.
When assembling electronic components and precision instruments, damages from electrostatic discharge (ESD) that is generally caused by the transfer of static electrical charge from the human body should be considered. In order to prevent damages from static electricity, need to ground yourself by using a grounding conductor and then wear anti-static shoes, clothes and gloves.
SHOWA offers anti-static gloves that also considered dust contamination issues from gloves.

Assembling engine, transmission and driveline system parts etc, for instance, may slip with greases and oils.
SHOWA’s formed coating technology effectively works to prevent from slip with oil and liquid because the surface of coating is unique and that absorbs oil and liquid like sponge and keeps contact area to object.
SHOWA is proposing various hand solutions that of course considered dust contamination issues from gloves in Asia market by taking advantage of the abundant experience and achievement in Japan.

Workers’ hands are exposure unpredictable risks of cuts / lacerations by sharp edges.
Challenging to offer only low-lint hand solution may not be enough nowadays.
SHOWA proposes gloves that not only considered dust contamination issues from gloves but also have cut resistant feature.



Carefully implement hundreds of inspections after assembly process.
Inspectors need to touch cars directly in order to find any failures or damages.

Stamping & Welding

Do not put fingerprint and sweat on the surface during inspection of car body, window, light etc.
SHOWA proposes many kinds of gloves that are suitable for inspection.

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