Facility maintenance

Showa is designing hand protections which are focused on workability improvement for professionals.
Our solutions are also able to protect hands from strong detergents in cleaning tasks.


Inspect & Repair

Professional jobs to inspect electrical equipment such as elevator, light etc, in the office building, bank, museum etc.
If workers found any break or malfunction, they repair it in order to solve a problem.

Stamping & Welding

In this task mechanical tools are basically used, so it is required for workers to deal with small screws or bolts etc as dexterity and accuracy. Dexterity of hands is a basic element to improve workability.
SHOWA is researching and developing gloves that can move fingers more dexterous and be worn more comfortably.

In professional jobs to inspect and repair air conditioner, exterior wall etc, there is a possibility that hand may be injuries by sharp points or parts because worker relatively do hands work frequently.
In addition, workers often handle knives and such a knife operation may increase the risk of hand injuries.
Wearing gloves with cut resistant feature is said to be one of effective ways to reduce a risk of hand cuts or lacerations.
SHOWA proposes gloves that have both sensitivity and cut resistant feature and hopes that workers keep their dexterous hand movement even if they are wearing gloves.



In professional cleaning work in office building, hotel, hospital, convention centers etc, workers do cleaning around the water such as a toilet and a bathroom.
Furthermore workers clean floors by using mops or machines.

Inspection of stamped parts and welded car body

The hand may be more damaged by contacting industrial detergents directly than household detergents.
Because it is said that industrial detergents themselves are more powerful than household ones, and workers’ hands may expose with industrial detergents longer hours than house use.
In order to protect workers’ hands and to keep them clean and healthy SHOWA offers various hand protections for cleaning.

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