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Our fingertips coating is specially designed to fit the first joint of the finger in order to allow natural movement of human finger.
Moderate thickness of fingertips coating.
Too thick fingertips coating like swelling may prevent workability.

Cleanliness of gloves We challenge to reduce transcription of eluates from the resin surface of gloves.

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When handling fine or precision work object, there is a case that tiny amount of oil bleeding from glove surface may cause appearance problem or etc.
In order to reduce such oil bleeding, we are considering material compounding, pretreatment of knitted glove or etc and so on.

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Designed elastic low-lint

Designed elastic low-lint

Due to using filament yarn (long continuous fibers), our gloves have a much lower tendency to create dust.
Suitable for clean workspace or environment with limited dust.

Designed elastic low-lint

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Product description
  • Seamless knit designed to prevent irritation.
  • 13 gauge liner realizes ultra light weight and elastic low lint.
  • Finger tip coating provides functional grip in fine work.
  • 3 dimensional hand former enables comfortable design.
  • Liner of filament yarn designed elastic low lint.
  • Studied material compounding and pretreatment help to reduce oil bleeding from glove surface.
  • Keep function after washing.
  • No latex allergy risks.
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Glass & Building materialsGlass & Building materials

Transportation & WarehousingTransportation & Warehousing

Agriculture & GardeningAgriculture & Gardening

Liner: Nylon
Polyester, Polyurethane
Coating: Polyurethane
Country of origin Malaysia
Packaging 10 pairs in a bag , 24 bags in a carton
(middle finger)
6 / S white 18.5cm 15.5cm 6.7cm
7 / M white 19cm 17.5cm 7cm
8 / L white 20cm 18.5cm 7.5cm
9 / XL white 22.5cm 19cm 8.5cm
  • Level 5

    Level 5

  • 0131


Care Instruction ・ Protection against mechanical risks.
・ Do not use where there are chemical, electrical, thermal or entanglement risks.
・ Fit for special purpose. The glove is made from a stretchable material that fits closely to the hand when worn.
・ Store in a dry place, away from the light.
・ Wash at 40℃ max but note that shrinkage may occur.
・ The performance of EN388 cannot be guaranteed after washing.
 (Tearing becomes level 2 after threefold washing)
・ CE marking is affixed to the packaging because of the risk of marking transcription.

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